Dot Design has 30 years experience of bringing ideas to light

dot we are small but perfectly formed


dot we work under the radar, known only by the people in the know.

The general public sees and uses our products through the numerous brand names we are affiliated with. This allows us to be independently driven by our own creative ideas.


dot we have built many strong market brand associations that we continue to develop introducing new concepts as our world continues to evolve. 

dot our size allows us to work on a very intimate basis


Many of our initial collaborations have developed into formalized partnerships and joint ventures.

Our complete development capability, market experience and understanding has proved invaluable to many of our clients. 

dot we are often labelled as inventors. Indeed we have registered numerous world patents. However, we prefer to embrace our natural ability to think laterally and cross fertilize often disassociated elements into something seemingly new and unique. We pride ourselves on having perhaps a little knowledge on a lot of things and that is our true source of innovation gold!

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We have helped iSPIN in designing and producing their totally unique approach to the art of spinning yarns.We also designed and developed their ecommerce website.


We have helped The new Horse Hair Ring company in designing and producing their initial range of unique rings made to an exseptionally high standard. We also designed and developed their ecommerce website.

Flowers4good has been listed as No.1 on the website

co-founders of new brand Flowers4good


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