Dot Design has 30 years experience of bringing ideas to light

@ dot we continually work in new market sectors, however, we have over the years developed some specific areas of expertise:

Houseware and Home Products
Childrens Products
Electronic Instruments
Household appliances and installations
Natural light management systems
Strategic POS Brand Marketing
Branded Product Development


@ dot we handle all aspects of the design and development process, from initial sketch concept through to manufacturing, procurement and in many cases provide worldwide marketing support. 

@ dot we love to sketch, allowing us to engage and work with our clients and partners informally, almost anywhere.  As many of our products are human interactive and thus need to be touched, felt, held etc. Our facility to produce 3d printed models and prototypes is an necessity.


@ dot we have full CAD/CAM capability, we manage all aspects of multi material manufacturing. Including precurement, tooling, production, post processing and treatments, full implimentation of assembly, including robotics.


Our materials manufacturing experience and sourcing is extensive and we are able to manufacture components or even complete products around the world.

Can we help you ?

@ dot we are always pleased to talk, sketch and help.

Contact us on 0207 1007710 or use our contact form.

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Tel: +44 (0)207 1007710



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We have helped iSPIN in designing and producing their totally unique approach to the art of spinning yarns.We also designed and developed their ecommerce website.


We have helped The new Horse Hair Ring company in designing and producing their initial range of unique rings made to an exseptionally high standard. We also designed and developed their ecommerce website.

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co-founders of new brand Flowers4good


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